Single Session Therapy & No Bullshit Therapy (Stawell)

Presented by Dr Jeff Young, The Bourverie Centre – Thursday 19th April 2018

Grampians Community Health is excited to announce the first of a series of trainings in methods of brief interventions. Dr Jeff Young from the Bouverie Centre will be presenting two workshops in Stawell this April.

Interested individuals have the choice of completing half day (SST or NBT) or full day (both SST and NBT) training.

  • Half day:         Single Session Therapy –  $165
  • Half day:         No Bullshit Therapy   –  $165
  • Full day:          Single Session Therapy and No Bullshit Therapy  – $295

Registration link:

Single Session Therapy (SST)

Describes a model of service delivery that acknowledges the likelihood that many clients will access a service only once or twice. This approach makes the most of each encounter with clients by treating each contact as though it may be the last, while laying the foundation for ongoing work, if required. A SST approach to service delivery can help make the most of every encounter and can be a framework of providing accessible and transparent services.

This workshop introduces the aims, practice principles, and techniques of SST.

No Bullshit Therapy (NBT)

 Has been developed by The Bouverie Centre over the past decade as a way of engaging people who are reluctant to seek counselling. It is partly derived from the ‘cutting to the chase’ aspect of Single Session Therapy and was chosen primarily for its potential relevance for engaging people who are cynical, suspicious or unsure of what to expect from counselling.

On completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the philosophy and principles that guide NBT
  • Identify and apply strategies for developing authentic relationships with clients
  • Apply a range of skills consistent with NBT to work with their clients

Download the flyers for more information