Grampians Community Health is registered NDIS provider

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) will roll out in the Western District of Victoria on the 1st of October 2017, creating opportunities for people with a disability and also Grampians Community Health.

The NDIS rollout will occur in the local government areas of Hindmarsh, Horsham, Northern Grampians, West Wimmera and Yarriambiack. These changes to funding and the need to navigate unchartered waters has created many challenges to the way services traditionally have been provided for not for profit organisations such as Grampians Community Health.

The NDIS is about Choice and Control in delivering funds directly to the participant to choose the services they want from NDIS providers, where once, the funding went directly to the organisation to put in place services for people to access.

Grampians Community Health (GCH) Chief Executive Officer Mr Greg Little said his organisation is committed to providing services through the NDIS without compromising on the GCH history of quality care and support to the community. This has meant that GCH has been working hard toward adapting service delivery to meet the needs of the community and the types of areas people are asking for in their NDIS plans.

Mr Little said “There has been significant planning around how GCH can re-align with the new funding arrangements. Ongoing training and education to staff, and recruitment to meet the needs for both our existing and new participants is a priority in preparedness for the rollout to our local communities on the 1st of October”.

Mr Little said that GCH is a registered NDIS provider. GCH has already been providing services to NDIS participants in the Ararat Rural City Council area since January 2017 and 30 NDIS participants are receiving services in accordance to their plans and goals stated by the participants themselves, and this has helped GCH remodel service delivery to be flexible to people’s needs.

“To date, in navigating the new NDIS requirements with both existing transitioning participants into providing NDIS services, and new participants to GCH, we have been on a huge learning curve around the NDIS Guidelines and identifying solutions to manage the many challenges.” said Mr Little

To assist and guide people through the NDIS towards eligibility and the plan, GCH are offering free individual information sessions in our Stawell office. This can be tailored to a person’s needs such as providing information on how to access the NDIS, or, advice if they have a plan already on how to proceed in purchasing services – which doesn’t necessarily need to be from GCH .

Mr Little said that Grampians Community Health are committed to provide a quality, flexible and individualised service to all participants and will continue to re-align our organisations with the NDIS requirements where possible. This includes the introduction of plan management to assist in setting up your services and we are already providing support coordination. Other areas GCH is implementing under the NDIS are social and recreational activities, skill development and group activities.

“The NDIS focus is all about Choice and Control in what types of supports and services you want and when you want them. It’s about a whole of life approach and living the life you want. This is consistent with Grampians Community Health’s philosophy embedded in every service we provide in our community” said Mr Little.

Some of Grampians Community Health’s participants are continuing with their existing services while others are already looking at broader options available that previously were not considered. For example, one person has chosen to travel to Ballarat in the evening to participate in sport, another has chosen to attend the car races in various venues on a Saturday, and another person is cooking for the first time and attending a live show in the city.

Grampians Community Health has been operating in the Stawell area for over 32 years, and also has offices in Ararat, Horsham, St Arnaud and Warracknabeal with our mission statement to provide for a vibrant and healthy community.

For more information read our NDIS services information.