After being involved in an intense, unusual or traumatic event, loss of a loved one, job or property or an injury or serious threat you may experience reactions that are out of the ordinary for you.

  • The event may create a stress response which can result in changes in your usual physical or emotional reactions.
  • The following reactions are not uncommon. These reactions are NORMAL however.
  • Often the reactions appear immediately after the event but they may appear hours, days or even weeks later after a horrible event.
  • Some people may not be affected physically or emotionally at all – and this too is quite normal
  • Seeking help does not imply craziness or weakness.
  • Sometimes the particular traumatic event was just too powerful to manage alone.

Download the after-intense-stress fact sheet.

There are many people who can support you locally – contact us or a psychologist or social worker or your local community mental health team or GP for confidential support.

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